Welcome Alymoe, Sombrita, Elsa, and Bambi

20 Aug

Over the past few weeks a lot of things have changed on the farm. School is starting and we are loosing some of our help for the summer but have gained some new friends. 

Meet Alymoe (Aka Aly) a 10 year old Overo Paint mare. We bought her from a neighbor about 7 miles away. She has never been broke or left her pasture. She is super sweet and smart though, she wants to be doing the right thing but is also very stubborn. Abby wants to eventually breed her and have a baby to work with. 

Getting her back to our farm was kinda crazy. Paige and Sami (who was helping out for the summer) had to ride their horses down to the neighbors house because we could not get her loaded in the trailer. She had never seen one of those before so none of us were surprised. By the time the girls got there Aly had already kicked Abby and run away a few times. They had taken her out of the pasture way too early and she was getting antsy. When the other horses finally got there we had to pony her back. Aly was never halter broke so at first this was a little bit of a challenge but when we finally started walking she caught on very fast. By the time we got home she was leading like a pro. 




We have been working with Aly on many things getting her ready to be ridden. One of the biggest was putting a fly mask on and fly spray because they really seem to bother her. She has done great with letting us do all of this to her. Her and Cowboy are also getting along which is great!

 IMG_3998 IMG_4011

Other then getting Alymoe there was still plenty of other chores to do on the farm. We got 3 buckets full of gravel for our drive way. Thank goodness for our neighbor or it would have taken us forever to spread it all out. He came over with his skid loader and was done in about an hour. Its really nice now because when it rains we don’t get stuck in our driveway!


IMG_3972IMG_4028 IMG_4029


The Next big project was to get the pen ready for Penny’s goats. Our neighbor had some fencing just sitting around that he let us use for the outside portion. Then we found some wood just laying around that we used for the gate inside.

IMG_4002 IMG_4003 IMG_4004 

On Sunday we went down to the sale barn with our neighbor to buy some goats. Long story short it was very confusing and we ended buying 3 goats and paying a lot for them. They are all very sweet and Penny is excited to start milking them. The one with the pink collar is Sombrita, the one with the purple collar is Elsa, and the one with the red collar is Bambi. 

IMG_4023 IMG_4024 IMG_4019


Our neighbor does so much to help us that we try and help him with anything he needs. This week he needed the girls to go to his place and help him pick apples off his tree. This in tailed putting them in the skid loader and rising them up into the tree. We ended up picking 2 five gallon buckets full of apples which we got to take back home with us. We have made a lot of apple sauce and apple butter over the last week. 

IMG_4030 IMG_4008 IMG_4009


Some old friends have already come to visit us at the farm. Thank you Noanie and Doug for coming it was good to see you!


We have found many animal around the farm but I think the favorite is always the toads and frogs. 




We want to thank everyone that came out to help at the farm this summer! Good luck with school and hope to see you out here again next summer. 

IMG_4015 IMG_4022 IMG_4025

Moving Cowboy

5 Aug

A lot has happened since we packed up and moved our life to Cambridge Iowa. The biggest would be the move from Colorado to Iowa with a horse. There were many things that had to happen first before we would be ready for cowboy to move in. 

The first thing we did was build a fence and get the barn ready. Then we needed to get food for him to eat for the year. This was a crazy experience. We picked up 104 bales of alfalfa/grass hay.This all happened the night before some of us had to come back to Colorado to pick up cowboy. 

 IMG_3939 IMG_3940

When we got back to Colorado we had to pick up the new horse trailer. Then we had to go back to our old house and pack up some more things that we had to leave behind in the last move. Even with this there is still a decent amount of things that we had to leave behind. Next time we come back we will have to pick up more things or maybe by that time living without it for a while we won’t need/want it anymore. 

IMG_3943 IMG_3944IMG_3945 

The next morning we left the house at 3:30 to go get cowboy and start the long drive ahead. Cowboy is not the worlds best traveler so all of us were a little worried as to how the day was going to go. He proved us all wrong though and was great throughout the whole trip! The last 3 hours of the trip you could tell that he was done but he was a good sport and did well for the rest of the trip. By the time we got home he was very happy to get out and eat some of the large amount of grass we have. 

 IMG_3924 IMG_3947

Its a lot of fun to have him in our backyard. We can go out when ever we want and ride him. He seems to be settling in well and enjoying his new home. Hopefully soon we will be able to find another horse so he can have a friend. 

IMG_3948 IMG_3950

We finally have light in the barn! This makes it so much easier to go out and feed at night, we can actually see what were doing. 


 There is a place on our property where they used to use it for pasture grass. Our neighbor has a friend who the other day came over and baled it for us. The tractor and baler that he used were both super old and a little sketchy. We ended up getting about 38 bales of grass hay out of it. I think we’ll use it to feed the goats when we get them. 


Along with everything that we are doing outside we have still found time to make pickles and some jam and jelly. We have great neighbors that are always dropping off fresh vegetables. So far we have gotten corn, zucchinis, rhubarb, and cucumbers. We have gotten the most corn out of everything. 

IMG_3956 IMG_3957 IMG_3958

We have also put up a new pot rack. This has been a big help, and it has gotten rid of one more box! 


The other night we heard about a rodeo that was happening in the town over. Our neighbors daughter was actually running in the barrel race so it was fun to go out and see her. I think that all of us were happy to get out and find a rodeo arena so close to our house. This will be a new favorite spot I think.


We have also started painting some of the buildings that looked a little run down. The shed we are using for storage got a new coat of red paint. The storm doors on the house and the shed used to store the lawn mower also got painted. 



Now onto more projects, building a hen house and a goat inclosure.  

Finally Here!

16 Jul

After months and months of packing we are finally moved to our new house in Iowa. There has been lots to do, between getting the house moved into and cleaning the out buildings. Along with having family come and visit.

It took us 14 long hours to pack the moving truck, which was packed as tight as we could get it. We ended up having to leave some things behind to come back and get at a later date. Thankfully we had some friends that came to help or we would have had to leave even more behind, it always took the new person to see where we could put things.  The next day we drove for 12 hours before we reached the house. Lets just say the drive was a little crazy. We were travailing with 2 dogs, a cat, a tortuous, and 7 people between the moving van, truck, and mini van. Everyone was a little squished. The moving van was also fun to travel in because if you went over a certain speed it would turn the alarm on and lights would flash until you turned it completely off. We drove for about 7 hours that way. Luckily by the end we figured out what was wrong and were able to drive in silence for the rest of the trip.

IMG_3701 IMG_3875

The next few days were crazy trying to get everything unpacked and start cleaning out the outside buildings. It took us a while to get through everything but with all of the people we had to help it went by faster then any of us thought it would.

Before and after of where we are going to keep the hay for the horses and goats…

IMG_3729 IMG_3728

Before and after of the hay loft in the barn…

IMG_3738 IMG_3746

Before and after of the main floor of the barn…

IMG_3764 IMG_3780

(With the cleaning of the hay loft we made hay mountain below it which then had to be cleaned after).

IMG_3747 IMG_3783

IMG_3755 IMG_3785

IMG_3756 IMG_3782

(While cleaning out the feed bunks in the barn we found one fossilized cat and probably five cat sculls. There were also many other strange things found in the large amount of old hay. The hay hooks and pitch forks were a nice find).

IMG_3759IMG_3800 IMG_3798

After cleaning out the barn we started on an outside pasture for the horses. This was the first priority since Cowboy comes up in two weeks.

IMG_3873 IMG_3872

With the new amount of grass we need a more powerful lawn mower. It still takes about 3 1/2 hours to get through all of it and could be mowed every 3 days because its growing so fast.


We have also put a garden in. The plants we got were at the end of the season so we will see how they do, at least we have a little one. Next year we are going to take more grass out and make an even bigger garden.


Along with all the work we have done there has still been time to do some fun things. There are many different animal here then there are in Colorado. The first night there we encountered many different bugs, including lightning bugs, and a frog. We have also put the trampoline back up, which got a lot of use when all the cousins were here for 4th of July. Along with all of that we have a new toy to play with, a tire swing.

IMG_3720 IMG_3883 IMG_3882

There are many more things to do and I’m sure there will be many more crazy adventures along the way.

Baby Chickens!

28 May

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1173


We have 6 new baby chickens with 3 different breeds!


14 May

IMG_1109 IMG_1112 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1130 IMG_1133


The plants are getting bigger and bigger everyday, almost ready for pick-up in the next few weeks!

Getting bigger!

21 Mar

IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0548 IMG_0551 IMG_0552

The little ones are growing…

27 Feb

IMG_0526 IMG_0528 IMG_0539


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